Cindy’s Cob


Don’t you love those hand written recipes that people give you? This one is from a friend (Cindy obviously). It’s a hit whenever she brings it along, which is most times that she visits – I swear this isn’t the only reason we invite her! It’s impossible to stop eating the retro-goodness until you’ve finished the lot.

The cob has a cult-like following: other friends are now asking me for the recipe – or inviting me along and asking me to bring it (again, hopefully not just for the cob). 

Cindy’s cob

  • Large unsliced cob bread loaf
  • 250g creamed cheese
  • 250g grated cheese
  • 250g sour cream
  • diced bacon
  • shallots

1. Cut a lid in the top of  cob loaf, keep in tact
2. Hollow out the cob. Break bread into bite sized pieces.
3. Combine remaining ingredients in a large bowl*
4. Place mixture inside cob. Put the bread lid back on.
5. Cover loaf with foil.
6. Bake at 180°C for 30 minutes. Remove from oven and stir.
7. Return unwrapped cob and add in the bread pieces. Bake, uncovered, for a further 20 minutes.
8. I think you know what step 8 is.

* If you’re really anxious to get dipping, you can heat this mixture in a microwave and skip steps 5 and 6.


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I'm Danya. Living proof that sarcasm and optimism aren't mutually exclusive. I tweet and blog at the intersection of food, family and fun.
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